Welcome to Green Willow Karate

Green Willow Karate was founded in San Diego, CA in 2008. Formally known as Aoinagi Ken Shu Kai, our dojos teach traditional karate with an emphasis on self-control and conflict avoidance.

Our training develops the attitude, mindset, technical skills and spirit to overcome violent confrontations, ideally by avoidance and strategy, but if all else fails, with total commitment and expediency. Technically speaking, the art we practice is derived from several traditional styles of Karate, essentially Okinawan, and our particular style is called “Shito Ryu”.

We practice open-hand techniques and weapons, as well as releases, grabs and throws. What makes our dojo unique is the further emphasis we place on a lesser-taught but very important aspect of martial arts practice.

Through training we promote self-development of body, mind and spirit for success in life, using the martial arts as the tool to get there. The exercise is great for staying fit. And the lessons we learn in the dojo apply in every day life as we deal with work, family, relationships and more. Our school blends Eastern thinking with Western pragmatism and good old fashioned fun. The sensei (instructors) bring a youthful, energetic, even humorous approach to teaching a very serious and useful skill set. Students always leave workouts energized and enthusiastic.

We also develop a close-knit sense of community among our members, and seek to contribute to the community we live in too. There are also additional opportunities outside of regular class for you to participate and learn different things, including a couple of fun retreats a year.

Feel free to visit a class any time. We’d love to have you join us!