2023 Winter Camp Dan Exam

Evaluation Criteria/Framework:

  • Technical Proficiency: As in most systems, ranks up to Godan (5th dan) are the zenith of technical proficiency. For those being evaluated for Godan or below they will be asked to provide a list of up to 10 kata and 1 or more weapons kata from which a select few will be demonstrated based on the choice of the evaluation panel or dealer’s choice.
  • Contribution: For all ranks but particularly post-Godan, in addition to select kata or similar demonstration, not necessarily for scores but for artistic and personal expression there must be some evidence of demonstration and contribution to the art and/or community. This must be provided prior to or at the San Diego Mini Camp but is essential for advanced ranks.
  • Demonstration of Internalization through the Practice and Questions for all ranks to answer in a medium of their choice (essay, video, audio file, etc.):
    • Internalization: What are the most meaningful lessons you have learned from your years of training?
    • Application: What have you done with that knowledge?
    • Contribution: How have you/do you see yourself contributing to the advancement of our art and the betterment of your community/world?

Note: This does not have to be a solo endeavor! We encourage all as appropriate to collaborate on their “demo/presentation” and consider their unique gifts, talents, and strengths in the context of the greater good, augmenting the collective wisdom of the group and leaving a shared legacy for future generations.

Nonphysical content:

Please follow the calendar below to submit essays, videos or other medium of your choice submission as part of the evaluation:

Key Dates:

  • August 24: Confirm your participation by sending an email to the Google Group email address aksk-dan-eval@googlegroups.com .
  • September 30: Submit your draft idea/concept of what you will share for your evaluation. The opportunity here is to share with the group to see if others would like to collaborate with you.
  • October 31: Submit your final content (paper, PPT, video, etc.) email it to the group to allow for review and incorporation into the schedule as appropriate.
  • November 9-12: UCSD Mini Camp (schedule to follow)


  • If you haven’t contacted your primary instructor about the evaluation, please do so immediately!
  • We have a Google Group for communication and sharing content: https://groups.google.com/g/aksk-dan-eval

    It works like a group email address. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see it. Be sure to add the group email to your contacts so you receive the group emails.