24. Nutrition Wanderings

I have been asked a number of questions regarding nutrition. The following essays will contain a whale of a lot of information about nutrition. Although I really don’t consider myself an expert in nutrition I know a bit having graduated from Loma Linda University where nutrition is a vital part of the curriculum. I have attempted to answer various student’s questions the best that I can. Sometimes the answers are quite technical. If I have not explained them sufficiently for your desire please write to me at “sensei@eee.org” and ask questions until you understand. On the other hand, you may not have any interest in the subject of nutrition what-so-ever. Please just skip these essays; I plan on putting out a lot of information which is not absolutely necessary to your training in martial arts. Take what you like; skip what bores you.

If you like them, have fun…and so far thank the following students who have asked sufficient questions to spark this nutrition column of essays:

Kathy Morgan at Redlands
Anurag Tandon at UCSD
Susan Rutherford at Redlands (currently in Sunnyvale)
Karen Levine at Redlands