These post-camp projects allow us to connect and engage until the next anniversary. Please contact Sensei Neville and CC Rex and Ron to sign up for a project.

Each project will have content hosted on its own web page, with Ron and Rex providing tech support.

MattKata exploration5 Themes: resilience, growth, service, community, transformation
Conscious LeadershipWould be fun to self-identify as well as compare our findings much like we did with StrengthFinders to self-assess our group proclivities.
MurmurationsWhat can we apply from these findings to our dojo culture both individually and for the whole system?
RexRituals and TraditionsWe started compiling these at camp and we will continue to build out this list that in many ways defines and informs our culture and tradition. You can do this on the website here.
RonPicture GalleryA historical photo gallery that people can contribute to.
MattBook club: Strength to StrengthThis is a Great reset as we embark on the next leg of our ad venture and we intend to have a zoom discussion about it as a follow up step post camp
Going Deeper with SpiritAre we open to going deeper spiritually in our practice?
Community Member Spotlight
Matt41st Anniversary Planning
allUpdating Web Site Bios
allPersonal InterventionWork with Sensei, create a plan, find a buddy.