An incomplete but growing list of rituals, traditions, and disguised training techniques used throughout AKSK dojos to deepen and broaden our experiences.

Rituals and Traditions

ShakurakiTraining in nature
Tying the beltHonor and humility
Entering and exiting the dojo…on the importance of an intentional bow
Senior studentsSetting the example, gently guiding
FuroshikiHonoring the wear of our belts
SeiretsuTo put in order, square vs. circle
Two paces behind the SenseiThe role of protocol
PatchesOn top of belt in furoshiki, not sewing directly onto gi
Welcoming others
Menkyo system(should be a whole web site for this one… -rh)
InclusionEvery way we can improve this…
Cool downShoulder massage circle, co-stretching, debriefing, …
Karate namesExamining ourselves and our place in the art, naming ceremony, and sewing your name on your belt
Contact is poor techniqueControl, violence, and growth
Roasting a new SenseiHonor, humility, and fun

Training Drills and Games

Tennis ball soccerControl, precision, teamwork
Shoulder round kick drill?
Elbow drillup, back, round, shikodachi-side, descending
Spirit circle punchesInward, outward, spin alternative
GauntletJoint locking technique flow drill
ReflexRound attacks, defender identifies
Shoulder tagTiming drill, remember not to cross over (dangerous for eyes)
Rochambeau belly workStart with feet interlocked, loser leans back a little on each round
Tennis ball timingSensei drops tennis ball, all punch at exact moment of impact
10000 KicksSensei Barbara’s drill – ouch.
Crescent kick drillInside, outside, both over partner’s hand
Sanbon kumiteThree step sparring
Escrima drillsHigh high, low low
Moving high high low low poke

“Famous” Karate Quotes

Action precedes motivationSensei Castilonia
Karate is not only in the dojoSensei Funakoshi
It’s OK, It’s OK, Raise your hand?
They’re haoles! They don’t know where Ewa is!?
Hai! Understand? Understand? (said with strong Japanese accent)?
It’s OK… You’re not late…?
Less talk, more action?
If not now… when???
To fall 7 times, to rise 8 times – Life starts from NOW!?