Sensei Castilonia Essays

Between 1997 and 1999, Sensei Castilonia wrote a series of essays for the Aoinagi mailing list. The topics range from the history of Karate to details on kata to nutrition and health to martial arts philosophy. Many essays answered specific questions Aoinagi members posed.

The major essays are collected here in chronological order, as Sensei Castilonia sent them, with any edits or corrections included.

1. Shito Ryu Branches in USA

2. Shito-ryu 54 kata – Useishi-Gojushiho-54

3. Better description of 54 (Gojushiho)

3A. Correction on e-mail #3 Gojushiho Description

The other 54

Mabuni Gojushiho

4. Kenwa Mabuni and his kata

Correction of Error in history of Kenwa Mabuni

5. Mastery of Shito-ryu Physical Training (Mastery or Myth?)

6. Kata and Creators

Higashionna, Higaonna, Toonna

James Mitose, Ph.D., Hanshi

Empty Hand, Empty Mind

7. Will the real Jion please stand up.


8. Bassai Kata Complex

9. To Replace a Kata in Gojushiho

10. Seiunchin: External Appearance/Internal Experience

11. !!! VIVA EL MENKYO !!!

12. Jion, Jiin, Jitte

13. Higashionna, Higaonna, Toonna

14. Menkyo (and other) Secrecy

15. Etiquette and Principles

16. Traditional Weapons

17. Adjunctive Physical Training

17A. Aerobic Benefits and Methods

17B. Flexibility Training

17C. Strength Training

18. Training in Feudal Okinawa

19. Bully, Bully

20. Mawashi Geri

21. Maximum Heart Rate

22. Paradoxically

23. Henshuho: The Source

23B. Henshuho-Kata and Keiko

24. Nutrition Wanderings

24A. Bias and Diets vs Nutrition

24B. Substance, Calories, and Law of Mass Action

25A. “Hey, not bad for a woman!”

25B. Women…What is going on?

26. Kosho-an Introduction

26A. Kosho-Beginning Training

26B. Kosho: The Wedding

26C. Kosho-The Abduction

26D. Kosho-Stealth

26E. Jojo Etchu Ryu

27. Menkyo-Kaiden

28A. Devastation of Okinawa

28B. Japanese Stunned by Barbarians

28C. A Sporting Business

28D. Other Menkyo Systems

29. Oss!!!

30. The other 54

31. Aoinagi: The Name

32. Vital Force; Ki, Chi, Prana

33A. Musashi: Good or Evil?

33B. Musashi, Sekiun, Washington, Hitler and Himmler

34. Isabelle Aubert’s Observations

35. Violence is as violence will.

36. Return of the Gyo Essay; Empty

37. Caution Enthusiasm: Contagious on Direct Contact

39. Bringing martial value to the workplace.

39B. Circle of Responsibility

39C. Circle of Influence

39D. Circle of Concern

39E. Circle of THEM

39F. Interdigitation, Justification of Essay and Closing

40. To Our Christians in the Martial Arts

50. Minamoto to You!

Ninja or Bushi?

51. Community building

Niseishi I

Niseishi II

Niseishi III

Niseishi IV

One Universe-One Kata-One You

Colors training… A long heritage

Karate Ni Sente Nashi


Two Questions On Classical Form, Kosokun Dai

Juroku….distortion at its best…16 demons…what are they?


Gyo training

Final message