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FIRST: Please register for the camp here, then come back to this page.

NEXT: Scroll down and click on the options below to add them to your shopping bag. If you’re using a desktop or laptop, click on the “Buy Now” button that appears when you hover over an item to instantly add it to your shopping bag. Do the same for every item you want to add. Trainings will be both in-person and on Zoom.

ZOOM ONLY OPTION: If you would like to participate in Camp activities only via Zoom, we now have a “pay what you want option.” Select option 7 below and pay what you want at check out.

If you are purchasing on a mobile phone, you’ll need to add each item individually, and click the “Back to Catalog” link to come back to this page to select more products. Note: clicking the “Add More” button in the shopping cart only increases the quantity of the item you just added; it doesn’t take you back to this page.

When you are done selecting items, click on your shopping bag to check out. You can adjust the quantity of items, like dinner attendees, there. If you need to log out and back in later, your shopping back will be waiting for you. Questions? Contact Ron Marcus »

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3. Full Day of Training – Friday

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